Susumaniello Rosato "Oltreme", Tenute Rubino
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The eyes are captured by the brilliant coral pink reflections. They are already in a good mood, seeing the world through rose tinted glasses and thinking positive. “Rose, rose and rose again”, the nose ponders, ”the fleshy and blooming kind, from a rose garden from one thousand and one nights. The small red fruits start coming through, a few strawberries here and there”. The mouth touches the glass, the liquid bouquet flows and it reproaches “ahh, you know that you’re balanced and enjoyable don’t you? No shock wave in this sea of roses. My tastebuds are caressed, they don’t have to surf over the highs and the lows!”.

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Producer: Tenute Rubino
Region: Salento IGT
Country: Italy
Grape Composition: Susumaniello
ABV: 12.5%

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Oltremé Rosato is a wine with great versatility in food pairings. 

It expresses itself with character combined with beef and tuna tartare, and finds great synergy with baked mullet and vegetable tempura. 

The organoleptic characteristics of this wine make it perfect in a pink pairing with a salmon and lime risotto or with a marinated octopus.