Ornella Bellia Wines

La forza della famiglia

From Ornella Bellia:

For over half a century our family has pursued a single dream: to advance while staying faithful to tradition and the wines that over the years have been a symbol of our company’s success.


We have always thought that producing wine means undertaking a lifelong project for ourselves and our children. The results of such a project come from our daily efforts and tenacity. Nature has transmitted to us the importance of patience and the pleasure of generosity and for this reason we intend to persevere, transforming our business and renewing our promise to seek quality in every detail.


In our opinion, the best way to perceive the value of our wines is to understand the philosophy, intuitions, perceptions, knowledge and experiences that have led to their creation. We have understood that the strength of our wines lies above all in the soil, the microclimate and the vineyards.

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